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Jun 5, 2012

Jeff Pagano

Prolific composer/pianist Jeff Pagano is a singular talent, one of the most interesting yet most obscure of artists active in the New Orleans music scene.    The versatile virtuoso performs deeply brooding original songs with his band Funeral Walkaway Parade and still finds the time to create astonishing classical compositions.    Whether its a string quartet, pop song, or musical setting for a Sylvia Plath poem, all of Pagano's works contain the fevered emotions and passionate intensity associated with late romantic/expressionist era music.  

"Converse With Me on Matters of Light and Dark" (above) is the first movement of Jeff Pagano's string quartet.   To date it is the only movement which has been performed live, and it was only performed once; at an intimate gathering in the Marigny neighborhood, hosted by local patron Madame Terri.   This intimate setting provided the perfect acoustics for a small crowd of friends to experience Pagano's string quartet masterpiece, along with a beautiful heart-melting solo cello composition (below).  

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Jun 1, 2012


The striking intensity and skillfulness of Brad Walker's saxophone playing set him apart as one of the great up and coming musicians in New Orleans.   Brad is making a name for himself performing in Eric Lindell's band as well as leading his own jazz quartet.   He is also known as a regular contributor to the Open Ears music series, a weekly gathering where the city's best improvisers explore the limits of experimental free jazz.  

Redrawblak is the moniker for Brad's solo music, consisting of richly textured saxophone loops and emotive improvised solos.   In the second set Brad is joined by the one and only Simon Lott, who contributes his eclectic approach to drumming and electronic effects to create a buzzing and agressive futuristic soundscape.   Listeners that enjoy having their expectations challenged will find this sonic journey particularly rewarding.   

The Open Ears music series is free and open to the public every Tuesday upstairs at the Blue Nile beginning at 10pm.   Because there is no cover charge, musicians rely entirely upon the generous support of listeners to earn a living.  In keeping with the Open Ears philosophy, listeners may download this recording with any monetary contribution, small or large.    Thanks for listening, and enjoy.

May 31, 2012

Luke Winslow King conducts the Shantytown Orchestra, featuring Theresa Andersson, Helen GIllet, Ben Jaffe, Washboard Chaz, and many more!    Another fabulous and unique performance from our friends at the Bywater Music Box.   If you enjoy this recording, name your price and download it.  

May 8, 2012

WATIV, live the Mudlark Theater

WATIV is Will A Thompson IV (keys, laptop), James Singleton (bass, trumpet, effects), Chris Alford (guitar, effects), and Simon Lott (drums, effects).  The music of WATIV defies categorization but can be described as experimental electronic free jazz.  

This performance was recorded live at the Mudlark Theater, an old house in the St. Roch neighborhood that has been converted into a lovely performance space.  WATIV takes full advantage of the acoustics of the room, with each of the four musicians setting up in a different corner and placing the audience directly in the middle of the band.  The sounds surround the listener as they reverberate off of centuries old wooden architectural components.  An unexpected contribution to this performance came from an apparently stoned neighbor lady who was inspired by the music to add in her own sound effects, making the experience even more surreal.  The entire sonic journey is offered as one uninterrupted track, so just kick back, turn it on, and prepare to be transported to another dimension courtesy of WATIV.